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Extendable Table

The CHAI collection is a perfect combination of wood, glass and our Evolutive Woodworking craftsmanship. The contemporary style has subtle references to the 60’s mid-century modern design movement. The extension mechanism will impress you with its simplicity and ease of operation. The fixed base makes it possible for one person to extend the table. The independent extensions provide the user with 4 configurations which give 3 different lengths to suit all occasions.

Available Sizes:
54″W (78″W) x 36″D x 30″H
60″W (84″W) x 36″D x 30″H
72″W (108″W) x 36″D x 30″H
72″W (108″W) x 42″D x 30″H
84″W (120″W) x 42″D x 30″H

Various finishes selections

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Tags: Decorative Dimensions, Verbois